Ask About Charges Before Calling Long Distance

If you’re like most of us, when you travel, you frequently make long distance calls. If you have thought about using an operator and charging the call to your credit card, watch out.

Violet was in a motel in Virginia and wanted to call relatives in New York. When she had difficulty placing a call using her calling card, an operator intercepted and suggested she charge the call to her credit card. She accepted this advice and talked with relatives for nine minutes.

Imagine her surprise when she got the phone bill and was charged over $32 for the nine-minute call. Violet discovered that she had paid $1.73 per minute for the time, adding up to a hefty $15.57, but to add insult to injury, there was an operator surcharge of $8.36 and a property surcharge of $7.50.

Our advice, ask about all charges before you accept the assistance of a long distance operator. Also, she has filed a complaint with the motel, the long distance provider, and a number of other organizations.