Smart Calls

How To Be a Wise Teleconsumer

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Get Your Money's Worth
Save money on long distance service by enrolling in a calling plan that fits your habits. Consider how often and what time you call, how long you talk, and where you call (in-state, state-to-state or internationally). Request written material from companies and compare their rates to your calling patterns before you sign on.

Look for simplicity and a competitive rate. Most companies offer "flat rate" plans. One is a single per-minute rate that is good anytime. This will probably save you money if you make mostly daytime calls. Another kind of flat rate plan charges two rates: one for weekdays and one for all other times. This can save money if you make most of your long distance calls at night or on weekends. If you call other countries a lot, ask about discount calling plans that would save you money on international calls.

Buying all of your telecommunications services from one company can be a good value for some consumers, but it may be cheaper to forego the package deal and buy only the services you need.

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How To Be a Wise Teleconsumer