Knowing Your Score

knowscoreThere is a lot of buzz about knowing your credit score.  That buzz can be misleading because there is no one credit score for each person.

There are many different credit scoring models that co-exist in the marketplace including generic scores, proprietary lender scores, industry specific scores and educational scores. A number of the scores available for purchase are considered educational and do not coincide with the exact scores that a creditor will obtain when you apply for credit.

Typically you have to pay a nominal fee to get a score generated from your report.  Federal law entitles us all to one free report each year from the three major bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, but it doesn’t provide for a free credit score.

Buying all your different scores would be expensive, not to mention the time involved in tracking down all the different models and their uses.  So, which score should you know? And, do you really need to know all those numbers?

Learn more about credit scores in our new project, Credit Scores: You Do the Math
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  How to Check on Your Exterminator

The table is set, the crystal is polished and the candles have been lit, but there is an unwelcome guest at your dinner table. A large cockroach has just crawled across the dining room table. Some of your guests may freak at the sight of a bug. If you need an exterminator to send those bugs packing, but don’t know where to turn, then the Washington Consumers’ Checkbook has the answers for you. The magazine article contains a checklist of the things you need to consider when trying to find someone to make your house bug free. Don’t waste money by having a service you don’t need and be sure to get several inspections and proposals, particularly if you are concerned about termites. Some companies will recommend treatments even if there is no active infestation or threat of one. The article indicates the company’s satisfaction ratings from its customers as well as the average costs of having specific jobs done. It also gives checkmarks to the companies that are rated the best for quality and for price.
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